Don't get banned again !

We know how it can be frustrating to get banned on League of Legends... Many players do.
Riot support won't help you much, you need to understand why you get banned from LoL and change your way to use your League of Legends script. 

Scripting on League of Legends is easy, getting banned is even more easy if you don't follow the good tips and steps.

Using a bad script... Or bad account?


Never forget. Sometimes, you will not get banned because of your script. But because you're using a bad smurf account provider.

Please, notice the difference between the two ban notifications. Check which one you get.

"Botting" means your smurf account got flagged for using League bot to earn XP and level up.

"Third-party" means you got flagged for using a bad script. 


How does LoL Bans works ?

Firstly, before taking steps in the ways to avoid being banned, you may wanna know and understand how actually the Riot ban system works.

 Here is how :

Riot looks at each individual’s playstyle and performance history, and examine reports that come in through the in-game reporting system.

Suspicious accounts are then queued up for review and, if found guilty, punished.

This happens, in the case, your script doesn't make you banned with detection.
Some scripts are so bad that they make you ban after just 1 or few games played..

You may wanna use a good LoL script to avoid being banned.
Never use any other script than HexLoL on your computer. If you used another one, you computer may be tracked using logs, please follow instructions below.

Can Riot ban my ID ?

ID generally result after one
of the following things happen:

  • A player shows extreme aggression in chat and/or intentionally feeds across many permanently banned accounts.
  • A player makes a verifiable threat of harm against other players or Rioters.

    ID bans are extremely uncommon. To date, only a handful of players globally have ever received an ID ban.

HWID bans on LoL 

Riot Games can track logs and use your HWID and logs on your computer to ban multiple accounts you played on.

It means that if you played on many accounts and got banned once. Some accounts might get infected.

We advice you to follow instructions below to avoid future LoL bans.

Can I get my IP banned on League of Legends?

No, Riot Games won't ban your IP.

But they still can use it to track your logs. Restart your modem/router/Wi-Fi after being banned.

Tips to avoid LoL bans

  • Don't use Evade too much
  • Play your Best champions
  • Don't talk about your script
  • Don't Pentakill All Time

Don't use any other third-party programs.

Using ModSkin, U.GG, OP.GG, Porofessor, Blitz etc. can lead to third-party bans.

Never use anything else than the script itself.

Rename the .exe script file and make it random.

If you logged to a banned account, FORMAT YOUR PC again and clear all logs.
They use that to track you again.

Can Blitz or Porofessor make you banned ?

Yes!!!! We asked to Riot support team. Here is their answer about how you can get banned using apps like Porofessor, U.GG or Blitz.


Adapt your gameplay

Using a script can become really obvious, especially if you play in high elo ranked games. You may adapt your gamestyle to make it report-proof.

First, don't use the Evade feature too much. Use "K" to enable and disable when you really need it. Also, in the script menu, make sure to check the "Dodge all only dangerous spells" option. With that, you will be able to dodge like a real human.

Sometimes, LoL scripters hold Space too much and cast combos all time, that's not human, you have to wait for the good timing.

Same for last hitting or lane clear, make sure to play a bit yourself, a script is made to boost your own skill, not the replace it.

Try to last hit yourself, cast some skillshots and miss them !!! It's important to miss, if you don't miss, that's not ok. The first mistake that most of the scripts do is to think that they can be at 100% all time. Normal players don't. You have to be bad sometimes. Try to balance your use of the script.

Protect your main account

It appears that Riot Games really wants you to get pain in the ass. They sometimes ban multiple accounts you logged in, even when you didn't script on them.

To avoid that, we recommend you to never swap from your smurf to your main account just after you scripted.

Before going back on your main :

  • Reboot your computer
  • Clear all script files
  • Use VPN or VM
  • Wait few hours before swapping

    Best advice we could give you:


    Only use smurf accounts. 
    Only use smurf accounts.
    Only use smurf accounts.

I got banned. What can I do ?

You can't get unbanned. Riot Support won't give you any chance. Even providing screenshots and many explanations won't change anything.

You have to start again from the scratch and script wisely.

Use LeagueCleaner to clean all your league of legends files, never log to any other account if your computer is flagged


- Uninstall league of legends before using league cleaner

- No need windows reset

For extra safety:

  • Reset your Windows (delete all files)
  • Restart your modem/router/Wi-Fi
  • Delete machine.cfg (Disk:\ProgramData\Riot Games)
  • Delete all logs from Riot Games (Disk:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Riot Games)
  • Delete all files in (Disk:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\)
Delete all files in (Disk:\Riot Games\League of LegendsLegends\Logs\)

If ANY of your accounts got banned, you're tracked by Riot logs !!!! You HAVE to FORMAT your C:/ disk to avoid future bans.

If you got banned, you can try playing without script, you still will get banned.

It has nothing to do with the script, only thing that bans is Riot tracking you with their logs.

It may come from many logs reasons :

Using other script that got detected
Using third-party apps like ModSkin, LeagueSkin..
Using botted smurf accounts
Getting reported and banned for third-party usage


Open your Windows command prompt and type "systeminfo". If you did format correctly, the dates displayed are recent. If not, format again.


New Admin Profile Method

If you don't want to format your whole PC. You can try creating a new admin profile on your Windows.

It may prevent you to be tracked by logs. This method is not 100% approved but you can still try it !

Unban Method

Requirements :


- Recovery info to account (it must be your main account)

- Brain

If you want to unban your account when it gets banned you must do these steps before getting account banned

1. Clean LOL traces C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\GameLogs delete everything in that folder 

2. Download VPN 

3. Launch VPN before running league of legends

4. Connect VPN

5. Now it looks like someone is playing on your acc (sussy)

6. Play around 5-4 matches like that 

7. Change VPN location so your IP changes too (Remember not to change locations too like alaska or smth because of high ping)

8. Play 5-4 matches again 

9. Change ip again and do that step like 4-6 times 

10. Doing that will flag your account in Riot system as STOLEN 

11. It will maybe get tagged if you do ip changes more but you can recovery it easily 

12. Remember to never turn off the VPN while playing because your real ip will be visible

13. Now, just play for few months, play sometimes with VPN and sometimes not. Wait until ban

14. When banned, don't panic, follow the instructions

15. Go to Riot support and type them that your account got stolen and banned

16. They will reply for your info like what payment method you used on acc and all of this

17. Tell them everything because you have Recovery info

IMPORTANT!: While making ticket disable VPN, you must be a victim, not the hacker

I will be sharing this method for free, soooo don't complain if you don't get unbanned

Free methods are spotted by Riot really fast


The best LoL script makes you undetected

Using a professional and paid LoL script will make your ban-rate drop down to zero.
With a reliable anti-cheat bypass, the chances are minimal.
Only player reports will make you ban.

What is HexLoL script ?

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